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Mfuwe Epilepsy Foundation

Improving the diagnosis & treatment of epilepsy in rural Zambia

Our team is working to address the high rates of epilepsy and reduce stigma toward those affected by epilepsy in the Mfuwe region in Zambia. After conducting a door-to-door screening survey of over 15,000 individuals, we found there is under-diagnosis of epilepsy with a high treatment gap in this region. The goals of our project are to:

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Improve diagnosis of epilepsy and encourage correct treatment

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Research to better understand the causes of high prevalence of epilepsy in the Mfuwe Region

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Educate, increase awareness, and reduce stigma of epilepsy in the community

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Develop new approaches to diagnose epilepsy in rural settings, including the use of telemedicine 

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Build an Epilepsy Center that will provide diagnostic services, treatment, education, and rehabilitation services 


Interview with Tunosiwe, one of the epilepsy patients, at the Kakumbi Rural Health Clinic.