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Holiday card fundraiser

December 2022

During the month of December, we ran a holiday card fundraiser, where you could purchase holiday cards for $10 each. We made $1,050 and money went directly to supplying AEDs for children in Mfuwe!


Mfuwe Team Visit

November 2022

Neurologists and EEG technicians on the team travelled to Zambia to conduct more EEGs and conduct follow-up appointments for epilepsy diagnosis. 


Creation of NGO

Spring 2022

During our visit this Spring, we began the process of registering as an NGO. We have submitted our paperwork and are now officially registered as an international NGO organization!


Purchase of land to build Mfuwe Epilepsy Centre

April 2022

We purchased 2 acres of land within walking distance to the Kakumbi Rural Health Clinic. We are planning on building the Mfuwe Epilepsy Centre for the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and education of patients with epilepsy and their families. 


Mfuwe team visit

April 2022

Our team visited the Kakumbi Rural Health Clinic to confirm diagnosis, provide initial treatment for patients with epilepsy, and learn about the local challenges in the diagnosis and treatment in this region. Clinical visits were led by Mr. Andrew Malunga assisted by Ms. Lusungu Makwaba, Ms. Salome Kanguya, and supported by physicians, neurologists, and EEG technicians from Lusaka, Canada, Israel, and Germany. 


Formal letter of collaboration signed

Winter 2022

A letter of collaboration was signed between Dr. Mshanga (Mambwe District Health Office) , Andrew Malunga (Kakumbi Rural Health Clinic), Dr. Stanley Zimba (University of Zambia), Dr. Alon Friedman (Dalhousie and Ben-Gurion Universities), Dr. Merav Shamir (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Dr. Theodor Ruber (University of Bonn) and Dr. Eli Schwartz (Sheba Medical Center) to continue collaborating for this project. 


Screening Survey 


From March 2019 to February 2020, Andrew (who serves as the Director of the Mfuwe Epilepsy Foundation) and a team of healthcare workers conducted a door-to-door survey of 15, 290 people living in the Kakumbi Chiefdom in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Results suggested a high prevalence of epilepsy in this region, up to 10 times the global average, with fewer than 20% of those diagnosed in the country receiving treatment with anti-seizure drugs.

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